Intended UsageΒΆ

The intended command line usage is through the script:

cd /path/to/gps
python python/gps/ -h
usage: [-h] [-n] [-t] [-r N] experiment

Run the Guided Policy Search algorithm.

positional arguments:
  experiment         experiment name

optional arguments:
  -h, --help         show this help message and exit
  -n, --new          create new experiment
  -t, --targetsetup  run target setup
  -r N, --resume N   resume training from iter N
  -p N, --policy N   take N policy samples (for BADMM only)


  • python python/gps/ <EXPERIMENT_NAME> -n

    Creates a new experiment folder at experiments/<EXPERIMENT_NAME> with a hyperparams file (and possibly a targets file targets.npz) copied from the previous experiment created. Change to specify the new experiment.

  • python python/gps/ <EXPERIMENT_NAME> -t (for ROS only)

    Opens the Target Setup GUI, for target setup when using ROS. See the Target Setup GUI section for details.

  • python python/gps/ <EXPERIMENT_NAME>

    Opens the GPS Training GUI and runs the guided policy search algorithm for your specific experiment hyperparams. See the GPS Training GUI section for details.

  • python python/gps/ <EXPERIMENT_NAME> -r N

    Resumes the guided policy search algorithm, loading the algorithm state from iteration N. (The file experiments/<EXPERIMENT_NAME>/data_files/algorithm_itr_<N>.pkl must exist.)

  • python python/gps/ <EXPERIMENT_NAME> -p N

    Takes N policy samples from the most recent algorithm state, for testing the policy to see how it is behaving. (The file experiments/<EXPERIMENT_NAME>/data_files/algorithm_itr_<N>.pkl must exist.)

For your reference, your experiments folder contains the following:

  • data_files/ - holds the data files.
    • data_files/algorithm_itr_<N>.pkl - the algorithm state at iteration N.
    • data_files/traj_samples_itr_<N>.pkl - the trajectory samples collected at iteration N.
    • data_files/pol_samples_itr_<N>.pkl - the policy samples collected at iteration N.
    • data_files/figure_itr_<N>.png - an image of the GPS Training GUI figure at iteration N.
  • - the hyperparams used for this experiment. For more details, see this page.
  • log.txt - the log text of output from the Target Setup GUI and the GPS Training GUI.
  • targets.npz - the initial and target state used for this experiment (ROS agent only – set for other agents in

To shorten gps commands, we suggest that you create an alias in your bashrc:

echo "alias gps='python /path/to/gps/python/gps/'" >> ~/.bashrc
cd /path/to/gps             # (only required for MuJoCo experiments)
gps -h                      # help
gps <EXPERIMENT_NAME> -n    # new experiment
gps <EXPERIMENT_NAME> -t    # target setup
gps <EXPERIMENT_NAME>       # run training
gps <EXPERIMENT_NAME> -r N  # resume training
gps <EXPERIMENT_NAME> -p N  # test policy