9:00am onward Registration (Front Desk)
9:15-9:25am Welcome
9:25-10:25am Presentations (Session 1)
10:25-10:50am Coffee Break
10:50-12:15pm Presentations (Session 2)
12:15-1:30pm Lunch Break
1:30-2:50pm Presentations (Session 3)
2:50-3:15pm Coffee break
3:15-4:20pm Presentations (Session 4)
4:20-4:30pm Closing address

Detailed Program

Registration and Welcome
9:00am onwardRegistration
9:15-9:25amWelcome address
Session 1
TimeNameAffiliationTalk TitleYouTube
9:25-9:35amMark PalatucciAnkiFrom the Lab to Retail: The Challenges of
Mass Producing (Thousands of) Robots
9:35-9:45amRon FearingUC BerkeleyBiomimetic MillirobotsTalk
9:45-9:50amFrancois ContiStanford UniversityDynamic Simulation and Haptic InterfacesTalk
9:50-10:00amSteve CousinsSaviokeService Robots: The Time is Now?Talk
10:00-10:10amRuzena BajcsyUC BerkeleyChallenges of Observing, Interpreting
and Modeling Human Physical Activities
10:10-10:15amStephen MillerStanford UniversityClean Models from Noisy Sensors:
RGB-D Reconstruction
10:15-10:25amClaire TomlinUC BerkeleyRobots and Multiplayer GamesTalk
Session 2
TimeNameAffiliationTalk TitleYouTube
10:50-11:00amPieter AbbeelUC BerkeleyOptimization-based Motion Planning
and Reinforcement Learning
11:00-11:10amKurt KonoligeIndustrial PerceptionA Computer Scientist's Education in Industrial RoboticsTalk
11:10-11:15amCong WangUC BerkeleyVision Guidance for Industrial Manipulators
Considering Sensing and Dynamics Limits
11:15-11:25amAllison OkamuraStanford UniversityPredicting and Correcting Ataxia Using a Model of Cerebellar Function and an Exoskeleton RobotTalk
11:25-11:35amStephen MillerOpen PerceptionRecent Advancements in PCLTalk
11:35-11:40amJohn SchulmanUC BerkeleyLearning from Demonstrations in Robotic Manipulation through the use of Non-Rigid RegistrationTalk
11:50am-noonGary BradskiOpenCVOpenCV 3.0Talk
noon-12:05pmAnn MajewiczStanford UniversityTeleoperated Robotic Needle SteeringTalk
12:05-12:15pmOussama KhatibStanford UniversityA New Generation of Humanoid RobotsTalk
Session 3
TimeNameAffiliationTalk TitleYouTube
1:30-1:40pmMarc CutkoskyStanford UniversityGrasping Objects and Surfaces
with Bio-Inspired Hands and Feet
1:40-1:50pmSteven PetersOpen Source
Robotics Foundation
Frontiers of ROS: Into the Clouds and into the FirmwareTalk
1:50-2:00pmAdvait JainRedwood RoboticsHuman Friendly Robots for Research and ManufacturingTalk
2:00-2:10pmFrancesco BorrelliUC BerkeleyPredictive Control in RoboticsTalk
2:10-2:15pmSanghyun HongUC BerkeleyPredictive Semi-Autonomous Vehicle
with Parameter Identification
2:15-2:20pmArjun SinghUC BerkeleyA Large-Scale 3D Database of Object InstancesTalk
2:20-2:30pmSilvio SavareseStanford UniversityPerceiving the 3D WorldTalk
2:30-2:35pmRyder WinckStanford UniversityTime-delayed Teleoperation for Robots in SpaceTalk
2:35-2:40pmTheresa LinUC BerkeleyUnderstanding and Modeling Human Decision Making
in Driving Applications
2:40-2:50pmEitan Marder-EppsteinhiDOFHigh Degree of Freedom: Consulting
and Tech Transfer in Robotics
Session 4
TimeNameAffiliationTalk TitleYouTube
3:15-3:20pmKen GoldbergUC BerkeleyCustomized 3D Printed Implants for Enhancing Intracavitary Brachytherapy Radiation DeliveryTalk
3:20-3:25pmBen KehoeUC BerkeleyRobotics as a Service (RaaS): Powerful algorithms with no fuss using the CloudTalk
3:25-3:30pmElena CaranoUC BerkeleyPath Planning and Task Allocation
with Human-Robot Teams
3:30-3:40pmMasayoshi TomizukaUC BerkeleyRobotic Research in MSC Lab for Factory AutomationTalk
3:40-3:45pmSachin PatilUC BerkeleyBelief Space Planning for dealing with UncertaintyTalk
3:45-3:55pmCory KiddIntuitive AutomataSocial Robots for Behavior ChangeTalk
3:55-4:05pmBrandon Basso3D RoboticsClosed-Loop FarmingTalk
4:05-4:10pmDuncan HaldaneUC BerkeleyAerodynamic Stabilization of Rapid Running RobotsTalk
4:10-4:20pmIan ShermanBot & DollyDemocratizing RoboticsTalk
4:20-4:30pmOrganizersClosing addressTalk