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|\CCloudGrabberSimple wrapper around pcl's openni interface, allowing you to query for a point cloud (rather than using a callback)
|oCConvexObjectiveStores convex terms in a objective For non-quadratic terms like hinge(x) and abs(x), it needs to add auxilliary variables and linear constraints to the model Note: When this object is deleted, the constraints and variables it added to the model are removed
|oCConvexConstraintsStores convex inequality constraints and affine equality constraints
|oCCostNon-convex cost function, which knows how to calculate its convex approximation (convexify() method)
|oCConstraintNon-convex vector-valued constraint function, which knows how to calculate its convex approximation
|oCOptProbNon-convex optimization problem
|oCModelConvex optimization problem
oNtrajoptSimple quadratic costs on trajectory
|oCCollisionCheckerEach CollisionChecker object has a copy of the world, so for performance, don't make too many copies
|oCRobotAndDOFStores an OpenRAVE robot and the active degrees of freedom
|oCTrajOptProbHolds all the data for a trajectory optimization problem so you can modify it programmatically, e.g
|oCInitInfoInitialization info read from json
|oCTermInfoWhen cost or constraint element of JSON doc is read, one of these guys gets constructed to hold the parameters
|oCProblemConstructionInfoThis object holds all the data that's read from the JSON document
|oCPoseCostInfoPose error
|oCJointPosCostInfoJoint space position cost
|oCCartVelCntInfoMotion constraint on link
|oCJointVelCostInfoJoint-space velocity squared
|oCCollisionCostInfoCollision penalty
|oCJointConstraintInfoJoint-space position constraint
|\CPlotterInterface for objects that know how to plot themselves given solution vector x
oCOSGViewerViewer class with some extras for rendering whole robots